Breeder licensed - Direção Geral de Alimentação e Veterinária DGAV License number PT 1 049 FL

Canine Facilities licensed - Câmara Municipal da Maia License number 81/13



This family project was started in 1999, when our Cani-Lavra affix was homologated, recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale, Clube Português de Canicultura and Boxer Club de Portugal. We have as objective the selective breeding of the boxer breed, aiming at quality and not quantity, breeding balanced dogs, as close as possible to the standard, thus contributing to the perfection of the boxer breed, being of extreme importance that our specimens and their descendants have the following characteristics:



Typical  ●  Character   Health



It should be noted that our dogs are an integral part of our family, being the selection, maintenance and breeding our "family hobby".


We want to take advantage of this space to thank the two great breeders of this magnificent breed, which I consider the best ever,
Mrs Margarida Correia (Chipema) and Mrs Lilian Raucoules (Vallée D'Oulja), who gave us all their know-how and all their support, having been extremely important in the initial phase of our project, consequently the our breeding.


We are grateful for the trust placed in us by providing us with the purchase of two fantastic beings, namely NEMO DE CHIPEMA and our great champion WANDA DE LA VALLÉE D'OULJA.










To fight incessantly with all the dedication and passion for these wonderful beings.

                                                                           Oliveira Family








This project on canine facilities was started in 2011 and the construction was completed and the license was granted only in March 2013. It was a lengthy bureaucratic process, however we have the perfect notion that it was worth all the effort expended , thus providing the ideal hygienic-sanitary conditions and comfort to our dogs. We therefore briefly describe the composition of the facilities:



 Four individualized boxes with an area of 18m2 per box
Maternity with an area of 30m2
Thermal insulation
Non-slip ceramic pavement
Internal "box" with natural light (double security glasses)
Automatic drinking fountains
Insulated doors and guillotine system
Composite bedsteads / Elevated beds Kuranda
Indoor and outdoor artificial light by box
Bathroom and storage room
Ground with 500 square meters